Hi Holly,

I just would like to tell you big THANK YOU for what have you done for me.

I am so appreciative of your work. You've found me plenty of jobs, plenty of casino shifts and it makes me so happy. I love the casino temp work.

Thanks to YOU I could earn great money for my traveling and now I can enjoy it. I've worked during my time in NZ for other agencies, but seriously you've been the best and you Holly, are the best agency lady!!!

Thank you so much Holly and the team at The Recruitment Network. I wish you the best, take care and hopefully I'll see you again soon. Katerina Spurna , Candidate
The events of February 2011 not only caused wide spread disruption to our business and staffing it also created uncertainty in what the future held.

Mike, Holly and the TRN team were able to provide us with staffing and recruitment solutions that not only met our needs at that time, but developed as our business returned to its “new” normal.

Their ability to deliver both kitchen and front of house staff of a consistently high standard along with their ability to react quickly to our changing needs has cemented TRN as our provider of choice.
Blair McIntyre , Christchurch Casino
After years of working in the hospitality industry and needing temping staff at different times I have worked with a couple of different agencies in Christchurch.

Often the standard of people and their skills did not match what I had requested, which can be frustrating.

There were occasions when the same people were sent again as there was no one else.

When you are trying all the time to maintain a high standard and you have a missing staff which is stressful in itself and a temporary person doesn’t or can’t perform to your expectations it all becomes very stressful.

About 4 years ago it was suggested I contact the team at The Recruitment Network as we were needing some replacement staff, because the team are ex- foodies they know what is needed and attract quality people.

Michael, Liz and Holly take the hassle out of when I am needing extra staff either for cleaning or kitchen work.

They also do all the hard work for me when we need a permanent position filled.

The team at The Recruitment Network are all friendly and helpful and set a great standard in the service industry- they do the little things well!

Thanks Guys Sharon Galloway , Canterbury University
A company that genuinely listens, understands and seeks to match the right individual to the right team with the right skills to help the team and the business they are part of grow.

Liz has, without question, the rare ability to understand a key success in recruitment - that access to a pool of talent that consistently performs and adds value to not only the business as a whole but the customers the business serves.

I have 100% confidence in the team of Liz, Michael, Holly and Anna as do the clients I have referred to them.”1st Jonathan Black, Owner, Farsight Limited Jonathan Black , Farsight Limited
It has been a pleasure to support Liz and her team with their recruitment communication needs to attract talent. Bernard Morris , Haines Attract
I have known Liz for the past 4 years, and worked for Liz for the past 2. Liz has a passion for placing the right people in the right jobs, and always delivering a high standard of service to her clients.

If you are looking for a hardworking team to find you the right staff then don't hesitate to call The Recruitment Network. Anna Cochrane , Admin Solutions Limited
Michael and the team at TRN are fantastic.

Whenever I needed staff, they not only found excellent people, but the whole process was extremely efficient and painless.

I could not recommend TRN enough - they are brilliant! Jason Harris , Cafe Procope Limited
We have been using The Recruitment Network for all of our staffing requirements over the past eighteen months.

Our needs have been extremely varied in terms of roles, from full time experienced hospo professionals through to short term temporary chefs and front of house casuals. The Recruitment Network have promptly sourced and recommended quality individuals each and every time, especially given the extreme shortage of talent and the difficulties experienced in Christchurch throughout this period.

We recommend their services without hesitation and will happily answer queries if required. Murray Hickman , Monteith’s Brewery Bar
The Recruitment Network went the extra mile for me, ensuring my CV was presented correctly.

They took the time to understand my skill set and goals to ensure I was being presented for jobs that fitted with these.

They displayed a genuine interest, in not just finding me a job, but finding me a job I'd love.

The team at The Recruitment Network are outstanding.For myself now in a good Management position I'd have no hesitation in utilising the Recruitment Network for my own staffing requirements.
Murray Chesterman , Candidate
I have had an association with Michael Pugh and The Recruitment Network over the past 18 months both as an employment candidate and an employer .

The team at TRN have always offered me fantastic, prompt and professional service when I have needed it most. Michael has been able to offer the business I run great flexibility for my staffing requirements. I know I can count on getting good professional staff at short notice for temping positions, or when required have the ability to source key staff for priority roles within the management of my hospitality business without the stress and hassle of advertising and sorting hundreds of CV’s.

When it comes to interview time I have skilled, professional candidates that suit my individual needs as an employer.

I highly recommend when your business requires staffing to consult with Michael and The Recruitment Network team. Luke Piper , Woolston Club
I have known Liz for 10 years and she truly is a special person with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

She operates with total integrity, professionalism and transparency and is committed to absolute world class service in her business and yours.

Liz genuinely seeks to understand your business so her solutions are a win-win. Ushma Shah , Medrecruit
The Recruitment Network have proved to be an innovative, forward thinking company who have constantly displayed flexibility and always act in the best interestof my companies needs.

I will use no other recruitment agency, as to date non have demonstrated the same qualities of service and level of commitment as The Recruitment Network. Phillip Kraal , The Crumpet Club and Le Bon Bolli Catering Ltd
“The team at The Recruitment Network are honest, hardworking, knowledgeable and timely.
They provide an attentive and responsive service which consistently meets our business needs”
Stu MacKenzie , Kiwi Cuisine
I decided to do business with The Recruitment Network, partly because they are able to provide a reasonable standard of chefs to Hanmer Springs at short notice and partly because the Recruitment Network is considered to be one of the better recruitment companies in Christchurch.

The biggest difference for me was they are able to fill the gaps with chefs at short notice and to be flexible when we need to make short-notice changes. Also, I know Michael will action things pretty much straight away.

I would recommend The Recruitment Network for any recruitment requirements, overall the standard of temps has been good.

Christine Hall , Heritage Hanmer
Deciding to do business with The Recruitment Network was a Corporate decision, but clearly we have a good working relationship or it wouldn’t continue. Personally I find dealing with Michael very friendly and efficient.

Whenever we find ourselves in need of staff (this is usually at rather short notice unfortunately) Michael always comes to our rescue with replacements.

The Recruitment Network has generally good quality of staff. Some very high quality staff and if I am unsure of something I am always able to comment and liaise with Michael who ensures a resolution.

I would recommend The Recruitment Network for all your staffing needs. Lyn Braxton , Hoon Hay Village
Just wishing you all continued success and thank you for your support, exciting and interesting experiences I had whilst working with you in Christchurch,

Holly you rock and if I'm ever back in town I'll be sure to pop in and say hello.

I am now working on Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland. Pretty amazing experience, thanks to Holly's reference :)
David Sclater , Candidate
“We’ve been working with TRN for 4 years exclusively.

They supply us with staff 12 months of the year, which peaks in November where they supply us with 280 staff for Cup Day (Kitchen, Managers and FOH staff)

They are a team that deliver and we now view them as partners not just an agency” Brian Thompson , Addington Event Centre
We have been working with The Recruitment Network team for a number of years now.

TRN do exactly what we need them to do – supply staff at a moment’s notice in an industry that can have unexpected, tight deadlines and sometimes requires us to turn on a pin head.

We would recommend the Recruitment Network to anyone looking for temporary staff, in terms of the temps supplied, some do the job very well and others are outstanding! Debbie Armatage , Continental Catering
I approached a good friend of mine in the hospitality industry who I really trust, and I voiced some concerns about our kitchen team, and that our head chef had handed in his notice after a very busy lead up to Christmas.

I was concerned that with our head chef leaving it would put a lot of pressure on the rest of the kitchen team and I didn’t want them burning out. They needed support and also a new leader.

My friend straight away said get in touch with Michael Pugh at The Recruitment Network, he said he has worked with them in the past and they are fantastic, he couldn’t rate them enough. So the very next day I was on the phone.

The Recruitment Network were in to meet with us straight away and listen to what we needed . Within days we had some very skilled and talented chefs in working with our team.

The Recruitment Networks' support and the skill level of staff that have they have provided has been exceptional.

Our kitchen team are working with pride alongside some talented chefs they have provided us.

I would highly recommend The Recruitment Network, they have been very supportive and with their help we have been able to continue operating our successful kitchen and support our kitchen team.

The Recruitment Network has been a pleasure to work with, so efficient ,so knowledgeable ,very professional and all the staff have been lovely to deal with.
PJ Gemmell , Pegasus Arms
Working with Jason from The Recruitment Network (“TRN”) couldn’t be easier. We worked with TRN for the first time recently, on a role we had never recruited for previously, not knowing what to expect we were very impressed with the efficiency of the process beginning to end.
Jason presented a shortlist of highly capable & very well briefed candidates who were all well suited to the role. The tough part was making a choice! We look forward to working with TRN again in the future. Thanks again.
Lauren Joyce, HR Manager – Precinct Properties NZ Ltd Lauren Joyce , Precinct Properties NZ Ltd
The Recruitment Network were extremely influential in helping with finding, interviewing and recruiting chefs for me.
I worked closely with their consultants over a six month period preparing for the difficult task of opening three venues at one time. They were very influential in finding many of the core members in my team of whom I could not be more happy with.

I would highly recommend using The Recruitment Network for all of your recruiting needs. David Nicol , Oxford Management Services
Beth and I and our guests wish to tender our very big vote of thanks for the opportunity of joining you at the race meeting on 9th September.
The Hospitality Suite was top class and our appreciation of Christina our
hostess could not have been higher. Keep her on she is worth her weight in gold.
Your hospitality, menu and beverages were top class. Thank you for making our day exceptional.

Beth and Colin Shaw , Riccarton Park
THANK YOU! Another perfectly executed event by yourself and your staff.

Feedback from the managers was there wasn’t a bad word to say about any of your staff – Lanette (Managing the Arena) has passed on “Manna De” and “Abby Harris” were outstanding! All staff were absolute rock-stars. Thank you again! Hannah Nelson-Cummins , Vbase
'The Recruitment Network is the ideal company for travelers or anyone looking for flexible work.

The lovely Wellington team offer work opportunities for anyone that is eager work and that has a positive attitude. As a company I found them efficient, helpful and easy to work for. Joining with TRN was the perfect solution to my work worries; as a traveler I could only commit to a job for several months and finding understanding employers was difficult. TRN weren't concerned, they gave me a chance and provided me with constant work at several locations for the length of my stay in Wellington.

Thank you so much for adding to my New Zealand adventures.' Holly John, Candidate
Working for the Wellington team was an absolute pleasure. In a very professional manner they blur the line between employer and colleague making for a open and rewarding experience.
Honest, enthusiast and really on the ball, I was constantly being called for work by them and placed in top locations around the city, region.
I would say that they are the top Hospitality recruiter in Wellington, due to the comments from colleagues about the competition and the fact I never needed to call anyone else. They have a fantastic set of both international and kiwi temps on hand and the skills with which to manage them.
I wish everyone on the Wellington team the best for the future!
Bruce Lee, Candidate