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Temporary Employment

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Temporary staff can provide a  skilled, flexible workforce that's ready when you need them, and not a cost when you don't. The Recruitment Network can provide you with staff at short notice, for however long you need. Better yet, we'll handle all the administration, so you can get on with business as usual. 


What can you use temporary staff for?

  • Peak periods of your business season
  • Strategic business growth
  • Accessing the need for a role within your business long term
  • Unexpected busy periods
  • Functions and Events
  • Sickness and Absences
  • Annual Leave and Paternity Leave
  • ACC Cover

We take out the hassle...

  • We get the qualified workers right to your door
  • Everyone will be screened, interviewed and checked
  • Police vetting and drug tested if required
  • We handle all the paperwork
  • Weekly timesheets and tracking employee hours
  • Holiday pay and employee entitlements
  • The Recruitment Network has the required insurance and ACC cover for anyone we provide
  • One invoice, one payment, multiple staff

Benefits of temping for a Candidate

Work while we find your dream job

  • Start Immediately - to help pay your bills
  • Flexibility - rosters to suit your lifestyle up to full time hours
  • Variety - exposure to different environments
  • Extra Income - top up your normal job with extra hours
  • Paid Weekly - including holiday pay + Kiwi Saver 
  • Opportunity to travel - including paid accommodation
  • ACC and Insurance Cover - Work place injury, we have you covered

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Temp to Perm

Temp to Perm

Is this an option that could work for your business?


Discount is applied on a sliding scale, depending on the number of hours worked by the candidate. A great way to ensure the right fit for the team before committing full time!


If your looking for your next job opportunity

Temp to perm is an option to consider when you are job searching.

Even though some job seekers would prefer a permanent position right off the bat, a temporary job is a way to help pay the bills and could lead to permanent employment with the company you're temping at.

Temp jobs can be an excellent foot in the door for you, particularly when the job market is very competitive.


Benefits to the employee

  • Assess job fit - It can be hard for both employers and employees to know if a potential candidate is a good fit for the company. But the reverse is true as well: Often it can be hard to tell if a job is right for you. Temp-to-perm positions allow you to get insight into the responsibilities involved in a position.
  • Learn new skills - Temp jobs are a great way to learn new skills.

    From service delivery, commercial kitchen experience through to logistical and warehouse – there a many skills to discover. We have had hundreds of candidates that have expanded their skills section on their CV. Even if you only work a temp position for a few months, you will find you learn a lot.

Benefits to your business

  • Try before you buy Temp to perm positions allows companies to "try before they buy," testing out an employee's abilities before making a formal offer. It makes companies that are hiring have an advantage.
  • Immediate Starts - The Recruitment Network send in a temporary worker who can come and go or if you find they're a good fit you can transfer them to your payroll.Immediate
  • Proven Results While we have interviewed, reference checked  and provided a great CV  to have a good sense of a candidate's work abilities, nothing beats observing an employee on the job to know if they are a good fit for a company.
  • Short Listed Candidates -  Instead of sorting through hundreds of resumes, you will only review two or three from TRN’s pre-screened, pre-vetted candidates.

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Permanent Employment

Having the right ingredients is important. We can help you get the right mix.

12% of the workforce are actively looking of jobs but 85% are open to hearing about new opportunities.

The Recruitment Network work with both the active and the passive job seekers and therefore are in the market place for people looking for positions.

We live and breathe recruiting and have the time to identify and reach out to passive candidates in a way that is probably not possible for your team. 

We fill jobs – not just interview slots, we take the time to learn about your company to ensure we understand the fit –  we are in this for the long haul so we get it right the first time and will do what it takes to make it happen.


Why work with us?

  • No upfront cost... you don't pay until we find the right person for your business
  • FREE international advertising campaign tailored to suit your requirements
  • We stand by our word – minimum 3 month replacement guarantee
  • Quick Turnaround - We can turn a month long search into one that last just a few days.
  • Our network - Access to our extensive database of industry professionals
  • Save you time - Selecting, interviewing and short listing the premium talent for you therefore saving you time and money
  • Recorded verbal reference checks to offer you transparency
  • Save you time and money - Know when to use us and how to use us we can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Our fees are a business expense, which can help your bottom line.

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